That’s Medicaid
Health insurance coverage provides people with access to the care they need—when they need it. That’s Medicaid shares stories of people helped by Medicaid at critical points in their lives.

When Your World Changes

A Lifeline

Sarah F. / Troy, Michigan

Her story in four photos

“Having Medicaid allowed me to finish school.”

Sarah had health insurance from her full-time job, until she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). Sarah quit her job to move back home to be close to family who could care for her, losing her insurance coverage.

Sarah struggled to find health insurance as a pregnant woman with a pre-existing condition. She learned she qualified for Medicaid, and that it covered her needs, including pregnancy check-ups, neurologist appointments, and her MS medications at no additional cost.

“Without my medication, I could go blind,” Sarah says. “I am the healthiest I’ve ever been.”

Because of Medicaid, Sarah was able to work a part-time job and go back to school. Now a college graduate, she works as a graphic designer and continues to live a healthy life.