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When You Hit Rock Bottom

A Lifeline

Stacia T. / Cottonwood, Arizona

Her story in four photos

“Medicaid gave me the opportunity to recover.”

For many years Stacia struggled with substance use disorder and coinciding mental health symptoms. In her downward spiral she lost her home, custody of her children, and almost her life.

After hitting rock bottom, Stacia checked herself into a facility that treated both substance abuse and mental health issues, covered by Medicaid. Stacia graduated and has stayed sober ever since.

Stacia now lives with her husband and children and is privately insured. She works full-time at the facility where she was treated as the lead behavioral health worker, and says new clients light up when she tells them she graduated from the program.

“Medicaid gave me the opportunity to get the recovery care I so desperately needed,” Stacia said. “Without it, I honestly don’t know how I would have gotten sober.”

Video: Hear Stacia's Story in Her Own Words