That’s Medicaid
Health insurance coverage provides people with access to the care they need—when they need it. That’s Medicaid shares stories of people helped by Medicaid at critical points in their lives.


Medicaid is a joint state-federal health insurance program that covers one in five Americans—including elderly and disabled individuals, and 40 percent of all U.S. kids. Since 2010, 38 states and the District of Columbia have expanded Medicaid, giving more than 12 million more low-income Americans access to health insurance coverage.

That’s Medicaid is a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation-led effort to share stories of people who have been covered by Medicaid at critical points in their lives, underscoring the importance of stable health insurance coverage to building a nationwide Culture of Health.

In partnership with the federal government, innovative states are enhancing the ways Medicaid works to promote health. To learn more about Medicaid innovation in your state, or across the country, visit Medicaid resources.

You can view this report and this presentation for a collection of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation-funded research on Medicaid.

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