That’s Medicaid
Health insurance coverage provides people with access to the care they need—when they need it. That’s Medicaid shares stories of people helped by Medicaid at critical points in their lives.

Rhode Island

When Coverage Is Lost Overnight

Susan lost her job of 25 years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but Medicaid was there to cover the care she needed for her preexisting conditions.VIEW STORY


When You Have a Second Chance at Life

When her lungs collapsed at three months old, Medicaid covered the extensive care Estie needed to survive.VIEW STORY


When You're Able to Move Forward

Gene became quadriplegic at age 17 after his neck broke in an accident, and Medicaid covers the services he needs to get through daily activities.VIEW STORY


When Coverage Saves a Life

Milly was covered for the early detection and treatment of breast cancer, helping her toward a successful recovery.VIEW STORY


When You Need the Essentials

“Not having that stress, I just feel like a load has been lifted off of my shoulders.”VIEW STORY